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The Mau Mau Club

This page contains the detailed rules of "Mau Mau", a card game also known as Crazy 8s, Switch, Flaps and many other names. There are also various variants and local rules, and in fact the game rules can be agreed between players, but these are the most official rules of the game.

Game Rules of Mau Mau

Mau King, the best Mau Mau card game Android online
Mau Mau game cutting explained

0. Cutting

Before the game starts, the person to the left of the dealer needs to cut. If a special card is found when the deck of cards is cut (see special cards below), that player can take that special card (if they want!). Then if the next card is also a special card, they can take it too. Up to three special cards can be taken if they are found together. If the fourth card is also a special card, the deck must be shuffled again and cutting is repeated.

Mau Mau game start explained

1. Game start

The game starts by dealing each player 6 cards, placing one card from the deck on the table facing up, and the rest of the cards (the pile) on the table. The player to the right of the player who dealt the cards plays first, and then other players follow. The first person to get rid of all their cards is the winner of the game.

Mau Mau game matching cards explained

2. Matching cards

A card can be played only if it matches the card on the table. On the picture, while Six of Clubs is on the table, both the Ten of Clubs can be played (becuase it matches the suit) and the Six of Diamond (because it matches the number). A Jack is a wild card, i.e. it can be played on any card, regardless of the suit, except on another Jack.

Mau Mau game drawing cards explained

3. Draw from the pile

When you don't have a matching card, you take ONE card from the pile of cards on the table. You can then either play, or say "Pass" (Skip, Next), to let the next player play. Note you don't have to prove to other players that you didn't have a card to play, so you can draw a card from the pile even if you had one, in case you hope you will get a good card.

Mau Mau game announcing the last card explained

4. Announce the last card

You are not allowed to play your second-to-last card without notifying the other players. They need to know you will only have one card left. Therefore, while playing your second-last card, you need to say "Last card", or "Mau", or "Uno", whatever the other players will understand. You have time to say "Last" up to the moment when the next player plays their move. If not, you are obliged to take 2 penalty cards from the top of the pile.

Mau Mau game Jack explained

Jack - changes the suit

The Jack is without doubt the most powerful card in Mau Mau. It is a wild card, meaning it can be played on any suit and any number - but only not onto another Jack! Throwing a Jack requires the thrower to specify a new suit for the pile. Example: On the picture, the thrower could play the Jack onto the Ten of Clubs, even though they don't match in number or suit. Then the player specifies Diamonds as the next suit, so the next player plays the Five of Diamonds.

If you are about to finish the game with a Jack, you must announce it with "Mau Mau" (it is not enough to say it is your last card). This is needed because if you win with a Jack, both negative and positive results are doubled. In fact, you can win with multiple Jacks -- results are then tripled, quadrupled and so on.

Mau Mau game Ace explained

Ace - repeats the turn

After playing an Ace, the player must always play one more move. They can either play a card matching that Ace, or draw from the pile. If they play one more Ace, they have to play once again - again.

Obviously, you cannot win with an Ace -- if that was your last card, you have to play again, which means you need to draw from the pile. So take care not to leave an Ace as your last card.

Mau Mau game Seven explained

Seven - 2 penalty cards

Playing a Seven is a slap in the face of the next player - he or she must draw 2 cards from the pile. However, if that player also has a Seven, they can play it instead of drawing, and the player after them must draw 4 instead. It can continue as long as each next player has a Seven, and 2 is added to the number every time. Example: On the picture above, the player on the left side will have to draw 4 cards.

Mau Mau game Two of Clubs explained

Two of Clubs - The Thunder

Two of Clubs is like Seven, but much worse. It makes the next player draw 4 cards from the pile, and they cannot bounce it off to the next player like in case of Seven's. No defence against it. In some versions of the game, the 4 cards go to the previous player, and it all depends on the upfront agreement.

Mau Mau game Eight explained

Eight skips

Eights skip the next player. In a two-player game, this is equivalent to playing an Ace. However, regardless of the number of players, it is allowed to win the game with an Eight, as opposed to an Ace, with which it is not allowed.

Mau Mau game Queen explained

Queen changes the direction

Say hello to our Queen of the game -- playing a Queen changes the direction of the game. The direction remains until someone plays another Queen or the game ends. Every new round of the game starts with the default direction -- to the right of the current player.

Mau Mau game Mau Mau double victory explained

Winning with a Jack

Winning with a Jack, or a Mau Mau victory, is when you win with one or more Jacks. Example on the picture: the user throws a card matching the table, and says "Mau Mau". The other players now know you only have one or more Jacks remaining. They will try to stop you from winning by playing a Jack at you (because you cannot play a Jack on Jack), or some other power card.

Point System

In Mau Mau, when the game is ended, a score is calculated for each player by counting his or her cards and their values. The score is determined by calculating the sum of all cards in one's hands, whereas the values of cards are given in the below table:

Card Value
Ace 10
2-9 The number on the card
Jack 20
Queen and King 10

The winner, who has no cards left in his or her hands, gets a negative number for the score, -10 by default.

When the scores are calculated, and the victory was a "Mau Mau" victory (with one or more Jacks), the score is multiplied by the number of Jacks plus one. For example, if it was a single-Jack "Mau Mau" victory, the winner gets -20, and the rest of the players their score multiplied by 2. If it were 2 Jacks, everything is multiplied by 3 etc.

Then results are added to the overall score which is recorded throughout game rounds. When someone reaches 101, they are kicked out. If everyone agrees for a longer game, the kick-out score may be 201, 301, 501, or 701.

Play Mau Mau online

The only multiplayer game which works exactly per the above rules, is Mau King, available for Android, which you can play online. On its website you can find the game rules which exactly match the rules as they were described here. It only requires a Facebook account, or you can play it anonymously:

Mau King game room Mau King game title

The game so much popular like Mau Mau obviously has dozens of online games available. It is enough to search for "Mau Mau" on your favorite game store, like App Store or Google Play, and you will get dozens of results.

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